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Ray hiking on Mt. Whitney
My name is Ray Ebert and I'm just a guy who likes to go hiking, and if I can, I like to help others enjoy hiking as well. Now when I say hiking I'm speaking about both day hikes with a light to no pack, and also multi-day backpacking trips carrying a sizeable load. I've been backpacking since around 1993 but I've been camping my whole life pretty much. I've written up reports and posted pictures on many of my hikes in this site. I've also created what I hope are useful tools for hikers such as my Trail Planner, my Cooking Fuel Calculator and my Hiking Time Calculator. I created these tools mainly for myself but I found that I often went back to a spreadsheet or website looking for the same information or calculations over and over. So I thought I'd just build these tools and share them. In my day job I'm an IT Guy in the Inland Empire of Southern California. I've been in IT for a long time and since my background is in software development I chose to build web based tools like these. If you find errors or have a suggestion on how I can make these tools better, or have a suggestion for another tool, then please let me know!
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